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    Do you need to hire a process server in Massachusetts?

    The first thing to confirm is that the process serving company you are interested in hiring has process servers who are are allowed to serve documents in their state.

    While many states have no licensing requirements and only require the process server to be 18 or older, there are many states that require process servers to:

    • be registered in the county and state they serve
    • have a valid license
    • post a surety bond
    • stay updated on changing rules and regulations through exams
    • and more...

    So make sure your process server is in compliance with the particular state's laws and regulations.

    In the event you hired a process server in Massachusetts who is not compliant with current rules and regulations, it could have a negative impact on your case.

    Next you need to decide how quickly you would like the party served.

    Typically there are three levels of service

    Routine Service: First attempt at serving party is generally within 3-5 days

    Rush Service: First attempt at serving party occurs the next day

    Same Day Service: First attempt at serving party occurs the same day

    Obviously process serving companies in Massachusetts will charge more to have your documents delivered the same day. So it is definitely a good idea to look into process servers' rates for the above three levels of service.

    Lastly you need to look into variables that may affect the final cost of the serve. Here are common variables that can have an effect on the final cost of the serve:

    Number of Attempts: If you are paying a flat fee for service of process, the process server generally will tell you the amount of attempts it allows to serve the party (3 attempts is common). If the serve requires additional attempts, you often will be charged more. So make sure you know the extra cost for additional attempts.

    Mileage: In highly populated states with lots of cities, a process server will not have to travel far to complete the serve. On the other hand, process servers in less populated states that may require a long commute can easily rack up high mileage charges. Keep this in mind and make sure to inquire about mileage fees.

    Holidays: While some states do not allow process servers to carry out service of process on holidays, some states do, and these serves naturally have a premium attached to the final cost.

    Difficult Serves: If a party is hard to locate and/or has avoided being served by process servers in Massachusetts multiple times, extra fees will be applied to the serve to account for the extra work, which may include research to locate the individual and at times even surveillance. Make sure your process server clearly outlines a strategy and the costs for the difficult serve.

    The above tips should help you make an educated decision on choosing the best process server in Massachusetts for your needs. We wish you luck and hope that service of process is achieved in a smooth, affordable manner.